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We are so thankful for our Pikes Peak Doodles Family for the following references!

 "I have been working with Mr. Cole since he started breeding and am happy to say that he has done an excellent job attending to the genetics of his breedings, caring for the puppies (both medically and at home), and taking care of the owners. He is dedicated to giving the puppies a great start and offers great guidance to their new owners. I am fortunate to see several of his puppies in my practice and all of the owners have been very pleased with their experience working with Mr. Cole.
     I have been in practice for 18 years and have seen my share of both good and bad breeders. It is easy for me to very strongly encourage you to add Mr. Cole with Pikes Peak Doodles you your referral list. Please feel free to contact me with any further or specific questions."

Russell Welfare, DVM
North Powers Animal Hospital
5470 Powers Center Point STE 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80920


Dr. Russell Welfare DVM

"I am happy to send in a referral. Ellie and Russell are doing great. They both learned to sit, stay, come, kennel, and still working on potty training and how to walk/heal.  They are both smart and love treats!  Of course Russell learns and obeys much faster than Ellie.  She will do most anything for a treat, however. We love them both :)"

     - Lisa

"I am very happy to provide a reference for you. Three days into it and we are beyond THRILLED with Oakley. We have not had an accident in the house in 2 days, he is sleeping through the night (we are getting up once to take him out but have to wake him up), and his has the sweetest disposition."

     – Tracey 

"I am following up to provide a reference for Bruce Cole and Pikes Peak  Doodles. We first came in contact with Bruce when we were researching  the doodle breeds and different types as it was confusing to the novice when starting to educate ourselves on the breed. Bruce was very helpful and we spoke to him for over an hour on the phone learning more about the mixed breed. We then visited Bruce and later purchased  a double doodle from him a few weeks ago. Our goldendoodle labradoodle mixed breed has been an amazing puppy and it was very evident  Bruce and his Pikes Peak Doodles took very good care of our puppy. After two veterinary appointments with our puppy everything was well documented and our puppy has been very healthy. I am happy to follow up and provide a reference for Pikes Peak Doodles."

     – Brad

"Oh my goodness, you have no idea. Mabel is the best we cannot imagine life without her!! So easy to train she is so smart! She has a very laid back personality and was never a crazy puppy! She is great with our kids and other dogs as well! We just adore her!"


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