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Bruce Cole and Marcia Cole with Dogs


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Pikes Peak Doodles is owned by Bruce and Marcia Cole. We are both school teachers by profession, but breeding doodles has become our passion. We are the parents of four grown children, three grandsons, and four granddaughters. We really enjoy becoming friends with the people we meet through our dogs who have become our extended family too!

Our puppies are born and raised in either our home or the homes of our experienced guardians. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is provided from day 3. Puppies receive daily interactions with adults, children, and other dogs. Puppies are trained to use puppy pads and receive many opportunities for additional exposure. 

Pikes Peak Doodles has been breeding quality F1, F1b, and multigenerational puppies since 2008. Our puppies are medium goldendoodles (36-50 pounds) and mini goldendoodles (26-35 pounds). We believe that pets enhance our quality of life and provide an opportunity for us to experience a special unconditional love and acceptance that only comes from our pets. Doodles are especially gifted to be the perfect pet. We breed to produce a well-tempered dog that is incredibly smart, loyal, and has a mostly non-shedding coat. 

A famous prayer says, "Help me to be half the person that my dog thinks I am." We have found that a doodle will raise that expectation to a new level. Please feel free to browse our page, see the many pictures that our doodle family members have submitted, and read our referrals. If you think a doodle is the new family member for you please contact us. We can't wait to meet you!

Tuxedo Goldendoodle


it is our belief that pet's enhance our lives. They give us opportunity to experience fullness as we learn to love and care for another life. And in return we get a living creature that is totally devoted to us. Through the years a pet lives with us we grow together, we learn our strengths and our weaknesses. Dogs may try our patience, but in the end they help us grow. When you get a Pikes Peak Doodle puppy we want you to get the absolute best dog available, a puppy that will grow into an integral part of your family.

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